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The history


Our history begins in 1942 with Mr. Silvestro Marcozzi, a man with an entrepreneurial mindset and passion for his work, owner of a Food wholesaler in Teramo.

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He decides to install a coffee roasting machine in the shop and the idea is a full success and that’s how the project starts to to take shape.

Mr. Silvestro discovers the world of coffee and all its varieties; he cultivates the art of blending, in search of balance in new combinations.

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Over time, the roasting business grows and the management passes to the sons of Mr. Silvestro, Vittorio and Francesco, who implement the company and move it to a bigger site in Villa Pavone (TE).


In the 60’s the inspirational sketch of the brand was designed by Francesco’s daughter. It represents a Mexican woman with a sombrero hat, which evolved over the years becoming the logo that is today.

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In 1998 the Founder's grandchildren, Silvestro and Emilio, joined the company with a business vision based on innovation and internationalization.


In 2007 a new headquarter was buildt in Giulianova, to be the home of Marcafè to this day.

A renewed selection of the best coffee beans and new machinery allowed us to improve our products quality and reach international markets.

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In 2023, after 80 years of tradition, 4 generations have followed, and are still writing this story in the name of the same ideals of excellence, integrity and love for the beautiful place in which we operate. 

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