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The history

The history of Marcafè begins in 1942, Silvestro Marcozzi (grandfather of the current owners) who managed a more appreciated food wholesale in the center of Teramo by customers who went there to make their purchases; just to meet the needs of customers, Silvestro decided to install a small machine for roasting coffee directly in the shop and this was very successful idea.

The son Vittorio continues with the brother his father’s dream but for a period of time he takes care of the foundation and management of a metallurgical company, M + M and then know as Metallurgica Adriatica, located in Tortoreto, very structured and also known all over the world. 

In the meantime, the family business was managed by Francesco called Giacomino (Vittorio's brother) who carries on the idea of ​​roasting green coffee and transfers the business into the area of ​​Villa Pavone (TE), a few years later , the grandsons Silvestro and Emilio definitively take over the management of the company Marcafè. 

The desire of the young Marcozzi brothers was to make a dream come true and to win a difficult bet: to design fine blends to create and sell the best coffee in the world.

That dream has become reality and, thanks to the passion and love for the profession and the experience acquired over the years, Marcafè is now a brand known and appreciated all over the world.

The company moves in the continuous search for perfection of blends and processing methods, focused on improving, innovating and listening to the needs of the consumer and it is precisely for these peculiar characteristics that it moves.

In the name of Coffee

1942 Silvestro Marcozzi is a distinguished and enterprising gentleman with a vision in mind: to seek the best coffee in the world.

1960 Anna Marcozzi, Silvestro's granddaughter with a talent for art, from his creative genius was born the inspirational sketch of the Marcafè project.

1965 That family sketch becomes the company's distinctive trademark and is reproduced on all coffee packages.

1995 The Historic Brand undergoes a restyling , synthesized , becoming only a "sign". The sign of coffee.

2013 It begins a process of revisiting of the image. The new institutional campaign wins the Special Star at the XVII Edition of the Mediastar Award (the Technical Award of Italian Advertising). The woman with flying beans becomes a symbol of the brand that time and passion have made known and reassuring.


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