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Our History

The history of Marcafè begins in 1942, from the hands of Silvestro Marcozzi (grandfather of the current owners). He runs, in the center of Teramo, a wholesale grocery store appreciated by customers that used to make their purchases. Just to be customers friendly and to meet their needs, Silvestro decided to install in the store a small roasting coffee machine and it was very successful.

His son Vittorio continued with the brother to follow the father's footsteps, but for a period of time Vittorio takes care of the establishment and of the running of a metallurgical company, the M+M and then the Metallurgica Adriatica, located in Tortoreto, it was very structured and well-know abroad.

In the meanwhile, the family business passed into the hands of Francesco named Giacomino (Victor's brother). He pursued the idea of roasting, he decided to transfer the enterprise in Villa Pavone (TE).
The latter suffered some negatives moments, that was solved few years later from the grandchildren Silvestro and Emilio. After the selling of the metallurgical company Adriatica SpA, they succeeded to the management of the coffee roasting plant.

Young Marcozzi wished to come true a dream and to win a difficult challenge: designing quality blends to create and to sell the best coffee in the world.

Thanks to the passion for the roasting trade and for the experience acquired over the years, the dream became a reality. Today Marcafè brand is known and appreciated worldwide.

The company never stop improving, innovating and listening the needs of the consumer. And from these peculiars characteristics that the company moves in the continuing quest for the improvement of blends and of processing methods.

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