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Scae Barista Skills

Certification bartender Scae
Marcafè has an International Trainer authorized by the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) to release certifications about the training Program Scae and Coffee Diploma in all the world.
The purpose of the meetings is to promote, through intense training, the culture of quality coffee, regardless of the applied method of preparation.
Barista Skills born for all those who wish to learn the skills to set up the grinder, to prepare espresso and the right steaming milk to give the correct cream consistency for cappuccino.
This module allows you to get a deep formation of the coffee itself, obtaining practical skills on how to steam milk and its spilling to make the Milk Art.
In addition, you learn health and food safety concepts, service and business management fundamentals.

The Barista Skills module consists of 3 levels:

  • Foundation:
    It is designed for beginners and focuses on the practical skills to set up the coffee grinder, preparing espresso and cappuccino in a clear and professional way, learning immediately from just the right setting.
    For this course it is not required to have any previous experience as a bartender.
  • Intermediate:
    It provides a deeper knowledge of coffee and it increases the practical skills learned in the Foundation level; it provides technical steaming notions for pouring beautiful steamed-milk designs.
    They analyze the risks to the health and the safety rules at work, the service and the basic principles of management. This course is designed for experienced bartenders.
  • Professional:
    It is a suitable level for highly experienced bartenders who have completed the Intermediate level.
    It provides a formation both scientific and management to prepare coffee and espresso-based beverages.

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