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Coffee bar line

The full aroma of coffee beans, the finest Arabica and Robusta beans and the most well-finished roasting will guarantee the success of your coffee in the bar. Sipped quickly at the counter or tasted quietly at the table... our coffee thrills more!

Idilio Arabica 100% It's a Colombian Medellin Excelso coffee, Medellin is the best quality for its full body and acidity. Grown in the Cordillera Central at altitudines ao beween 800 and 1.900 meter above sea level,the Colombian Medellin ... see the product details »
Opera Prima
Designed to please the most discerning of palates, Opera Prima is the supreme expression of the range Bar Line. The refined blend of Indian Arabica meets the skillful blending and craftsmanship of Italian know-how by creating a true ... see the product details »
Perla Nera Special
Created with a careful selection of the best blends of colombians and brazilians Arabica, Perla Nera Special  calls to mind  the atmospheres of the South American territories mixing  with the notes and the unmistakable tones of Italian ... see the product details »
A blend that enchants at first taste and invites you to repeat the sequence of sips in slowly and relaxed way to enjoy the full flavor of Brazilian arabica beans. Thanks to the improved selection of raw materials, to the right combination ... see the product details »
Crema Bar Super
Exclusively created for the international market, thanks to its full-bodied, to its full aroma and its long persistence Cream Bar Super also meets the needs of the Italian background. The taste is intense and rich, thanks to the blend of ... see the product details »
Crema Bar
Cream Bar is the best synthesis of the real Italian espresso and can fully satisfy the needs of coffee lovers. Blends created exclusively for export, it is appreciated by all palates who love an enchanting taste and the full-bodied and ... see the product details »
Designed for those who want to enjoy the coffee, decaffeinated Marcafè gives all the flavor of an intense and caffeine-free blend. The beans are decaffeinated using a water method and so that the beans remain intact after  the process; the ... see the product details »
Specifically designed for coffee bar and for professional coffee machines, the Decaffeinated Marcafè takes the form of handy sachets that enhance the quality of the coffee. The sachets are the result of a careful decaffeination process ... see the product details »
Chokito lends in the cup a flavor and unmistakable chocolate, perfect to warm the coldest days, to sweeten the most melancholy moments and to share joy's instants. Its embracing scent, its soft creaminess and the  irresistible taste offer ... see the product details »
Marcozzi Coffee
Marcozzi Coffee is a blend of superb coffee; its taste is strong and full-bodied on the palate, divinely aromatic and intense; every sip gives lively and pungent moments. In the cup it is amber and the aroma spreads tidy, decided and ... see the product details »