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The highest care in the selection of the best raw Arabica derived exclusively from certified plantations   IMO e NATURLAND*   determines the creation of a high quality and taste product.

The single dose pods Bio Aroma enhance the pleasure of espresso with a unique flavor, delicate and very low caffeine content while preserving all the quality of a blend of value.

Singularly packaged, the bags retain the optimal combination of quantities, roasting, coffee blend, grinding and pressure for a 100% Arabica coffee.

The practical pack that contains the pods reminds to nature plantation and gives an evocation leading to open and sunny landscapes and environments that intrigues fans and connoisseurs of coffee.

* IMO e NATURLAND: international control organs that ensure the observance of the rules imposed for Organic Agriculture.

The same organic production are examined in order to obtain the certification of the EU, pursuant to Regulation  CEE 2092/91.

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