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Classic Line

Crema Bar
Thanks to a careful selection and roasting process, Cream Bar is the top of the Classic Line range and it accents the culture of the Italian espresso. Its full and captivating aroma and its smoothness make this coffee excellence to enjoy ... see the product details »
The best Robusta beans roasted and packed in a blend that eulogizes all the features and organoleptic properties, this is the Moka Marcafè. The  blend is strong, sharp and pungent, and thanks to a careful roasting process not lose any sign ... see the product details »
Selected beans, excellent roasting and clear packaging make of the blend Bar a coffee that can be enjoyed every day. The taste is soft and delicate on the palate with sweet and velvety notes and intensified in the cup all dark and nutty ... see the product details »
Blend For Vending Machines
Dedicated to the vending market, the blend is specifically designed for the vending machines. Marcafè never leaves his loyal customers and it accompanies them to their coffee breaks in coffee bars and restaurants. During the hotels ... see the product details »
Special Blend Coffee House
Marcafè is also a gift idea for anyone who wants to give a pleasant present to a friend, a relative or acquaintance. Certainly the one who receive the gift shall not be disappointed, enjoying all the pleasure of espresso while comfortably ... see the product details »
Coffee filter
Designed for the international market's needs that is still growing. The packages of ground coffee for filter coffee machines enhance all the flavor and fragrance of Marcafè blends. Distributed in sizes by 60, 100 and 125 grams. The bags ... see the product details »